A4 Counter Slide in Frame

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The aluminium Counter Slide-in Frame is a printing support at reasonable prices for various applications. These high-quality aluminium slides can hold printed paper and are available in different sizes. These sliding signs are long lasting and less expensive than conventional snap frames. They offer a silver finish with 15mm profile, a high-quality profile and solid plastic panels that the posters are positioned elegantly in landscape position and suitable for outdoor conditions. Available sizes are A3, A4 and A5. The printed poster is inserted only on one side simply by sliding the panels outwards and positioning the chart. Changing the poster is quite simple by peel & stick fixing.

The aluminium slides in the frames are excellent advertising signs for restaurants, schools, halls, meeting rooms, gas stations, public areas to publish various messages, offers, notices, sales, or menus. They adapt to different business environments and are suitable for all sectors where traffic is open to public spaces.

Hardware only, printing not included.

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