C6 - 114 x 162mm Tintoretto Ceylon Cubeba (Dusty Rose) 140gsm Envelopes

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The Tintoretto Ceylon paper range is a high-quality Italian collection of uncoated, textured papers in rich, exotic colours, which gives these envelopes a real sense of sophistication and makes them a very popular choice for greeting cards, weddings, event stationery, and letterpress printing.

Features of these envelopes and the Tintoretto Ceylon paper stock include:

  • Standard Greeting Card, Stationery and Postcard envelope size designed to fit an A6 Card (or A5 folded on the long edge)
  • Wallet Peel & Seal finish for easy sealing and longer shelf life
  • C6 envelopes fit into C5, C4 and Card Envelopes without folding
  • Australia Post - 1 Standard Postage Stamp (Post Office Preferred envelope)
  • No postcode squares
  • Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • Acid Free
  • Long-life ISO 9706
  • Heavy Metal Absence

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